📜Fair Mint Rules

The Bitrans Fair Mint consists of two segments: Whitelist Mint and Public Mint

Detailed rules outlined as follows:

How to get a Whitelist Mint?

Complete campaigns on Zealy of Bitrans. We will distribute whitelists according to the zealy rankings.

As the pioneer users of Bitrans you will get

  • Access to Mint $BTS tokens earlier than public

  • Gain the special role in Discord

  • Will receive Airdrop of $BTS in 3 months after the launch of the marketplace function launched

Whitelist Mint

  • Commencing on TBA, the Whitelist Mint provides early access to mint $BTS for users with whitelist addresses. This phase spans a twenty-four-hour protection period, concluding on TBA.

  • Users participating in our whitelist shilling event will be granted whitelist status. Additional event details can be found on the Twitter, and information about other whitelist side campaigns is available on Google-list.

  • You can log in to Bitrans.io using their OKX, Token Pocket or Alby wallet, connect, and verify your whitelist eligibility.

Public Mint

Following the conclusion of Whitelist Mint, the Public Mint starts.

Minting of $BTS will cease once the total minted amount reaches 15,000,000 $BTS.

The subsequent steps will be announced soon. A market feature will be launched allowing holders to participate in buying & selling $BTS.

Community Incentives

We highly value the opinions and voices of our community. To incentivize early participants and foster a stronger community, users with whitelist addresses who mint $BTS will receive an airdrop of $BTS three months after the marketplace function is launched. Fair Mint will be distributed from the Community Incentives allocation.

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