⚖️Fair Mint

What is Fair Mint?

"Create the most effective and sustainable financing mechanisms for investors"

"All token holders are entitled to equal access to the value created by the protocol based on their investments of time and assets and the risks they assume"

Why we choose the Fair Mint?

As the first derivatives protocol based on RGB, Bitrans has always believed in BTC's core concept of "decentralization". Therefore, Fair Mint will also be open to everyone who believe in and loyal to Bitrans, distributing the future of Bitrans more fairly to those who help buidl the community.

In Bitrans, we are creating a future where everyone can participate in the financial gains of the growth.

BTW, for those users who are willing to support us in the early stages, similarly, Bitrans will also provide the WLs as a corresponding reward.

The total supply of Fair Mint for Bitrans is 10,000,000

The upper limit for repeated minting is 500 times

Satoshi will be regarded as gas of Bitrans protocol (Satosh which is the lowest denomination of Bitcoin. 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC)

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