When the Whitelist start?

You can read more about on Fair Mint Rules.

Why is there no entrance to Launch App?

Indeed, Bitcoin now has three mechanisms: Sidechain, RGB and Lightning network.

Bitrans is currently under RGB -based networks and runs complex smart contracts on the Lightning Network. It is still a whitelist and Pioneer Adopters collection period.

The specific APP launch time TBA, Bitrans are still in the early stage, Stay tuned!

Where can I use Bitrans available?

Bitrans is available on RGB protocol.

RGB uses Turing’s complete virtual machine (AluVM), a powerful computing engine that allows complex smart contracts to be run on the Lightning Network. AluVM enables RGB to handle complex computing logic and data operations, thereby implementing various types of smart contracts, this is why Bitrans built on RGB.

What is USDT?

The issuance of USDT is controlled by Tether. Because its value is pegged to the U.S. dollar, each USDT is equivalent to one U.S. dollar, so it is also called a stable coin.

What is slippage?

Slippage refers to the amount you would be satisfied with the price moving when opening your position. For instance, if the price were to move more than 1% while awaiting the oracle returning the price - you may be unsatisfied with that open. You can set slippage to ensure you open within the price range you are happy to, and if the price deviates from this the trade will not open.

Why is the asset I want to trade not listed?

Coins and assets are listed when we can provide a reliable trading experience for them. This is determined based on the availability of a sufficient number of price sources as well as the trading volume and liquidity of the pair from the price sources.

Can I go into debt?

No, you cannot go into debt. You can only lose the collateral you stake. Naturally, if your position has reached a position where it must be liquidated (-90%) your loss will be all of your collateral.

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